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This is a partial, raw archive of documents published by the Navy, NASA, regulators, government representatives, and others for Moffett Field in Mountain View, California. For more information, see Moffett Users.

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[IMG]corkroom.jpg2010-06-25 08:44 61K
[IMG]corkroomceilingtrackadj.jpg2010-06-25 08:44 85K
[IMG]corkroomceilingtrackgearadj.jpg2010-06-25 08:44 95K
[IMG]corkroomdooradj.jpg2010-06-25 08:44 37K
[IMG]corkroomdoorjambadj.jpg2010-06-25 08:44 95K
[IMG]June 21 North entrance double oak doors to be saved.JPG2010-06-25 08:45 3.3M
[IMG]June 21 exterior cork room south wall and entrance.JPG2010-06-25 08:46 2.9M
[IMG]June 21 header at south entrance double layer cork Plaster with welded meshwire.JPG2010-06-25 08:46 28K
[IMG]MF H1 cr racks lockers.JPG2010-06-25 08:46 44K
[IMG]MF H1 look south corkroom.JPG2010-06-25 08:46 38K
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